Austin's Newest Attraction is Your Total Confidence Booster

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Let’s face it ladies, we all have body issues from time to time. For most of us, it’s often. As a plus size woman myself, I’ve been through quite the journey of learning to make peace with my body. But years ago I learned that the one thing I had been desperately avoiding was the one thing that would take my confidence to the next level.


When you’re feeling down and find yourself extra sensitive, picking at yourself in the mirror, one of the best favors you can do for yourself is have a little photo shoot. I realize it may seem crazy but trust me, it really does help! Here’s the thing, we don’t really see ourselves as others do. Our views are a little more in the two dimensional realm instead of how we see the rest of our world in 3D. We can’t see our whole body at the same time so there are multiple angles that get missed in the process. Having a photo shoot and seeing yourself in different poses and situations really presents a new perspective on how you look at yourself in the mirror each morning. It’s refreshing and often you’ll find those beautiful little features that help make you unique. I’ve found that the more photos I take of myself, the more comfortable I have become with my body. The familiarity has created a new appreciation from my initial, “Ew, my arms are disgusting,” to “Man, I look cute in that outfit.” My arms are no longer even apart of my initial conversation because I’ve become used to them. They no longer are a target for contempt.  

Late last week a friend of mine invited me to check out one of Austin’s newest attractions and I couldn’t say no. The FOMO Factory is an immersive art installation perfect for Instagrammers or just anyone who wants a cool place to take photos at. My favorite fact about this new place is that is was completely created by Austin women. I love a woman owned business and Rachel Youens and Kara Whitten are the brilliant minds behind the experience. With tickets at only $23, it’s the cheapest photo shoot you’ll ever pay for. You’ll stumble upon a giant sized birthday cake to pose in, a room filled entirely with balloons and so much more. It’s enough to ignite your senses. But everybody knows you can’t have a successful photo shoot without the perfect outfit. That’s where XLR8 comes in!

Because the entire experience is quite bright and colorful, it only makes sense for your outfit to follow the same narrative.  Some of my favorite solutions include the Striped Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit, Zig-Zag Off Shoulder Top and White Off the Shoulder Embroidered Top. It’s always good to choose simple patterns or solid colors to help you stand out in an area that will be saturated with design.

And The FOMO Factory isn’t your only opportunity to take plenty of fun photos. The Art of Icecream Experience will be in downtown Austin for a few months. An excuse to buy two cute outfits? I think so! So take a day or two to spoil yourself and go all out to feel like a million bucks. You deserve it and so does your self-image.



Jillian Pedersen is a plus size lifestyle and fashion blogger. She often writes about her struggles towards body love hoping to encourage other women in the process for Thighs and Lows Blog, as well as other sources. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter. She loves connecting with women all over the globe.